Sunday, 19 February 2012

Suit Yourself!

Lately, I have been obsessing about suits! I am loving the simple classic suits on the ladies, and in contrast, bold patterns and coloured suits on the guys!

My favourite is Miranda Kerr at the Autumn Winter fashion launch, as she wears Josh Goot's Navy Wool Tuxedo Jacket, Slim Shirt, and Navy Wool Tuxedo Pants

All Photo Rights belong to David Jones

 Another look I am in love with is Camilla Belle in Tom Ford White Jacket and Pants with a dashing polka-dotted necktie.

Camilla Belle suits up in  Tom Ford
As for the gentlemen, I love the fun patterned suit by Gucci and best of all these are my favourites of Mboko Ndimba Mobutu suits!
Gucci S/S 12

Love Sophia x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

We miss you magic land!

Recently, I went with my friend to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). There were a few exhibitions on at  the time. The first exhibition we went to was called "We miss you magic land" featuring the artist "Pip & Pop". The delicate details in the 'magic land' are made from sugar and sand. It was very detailed and rather breathtaking.  

Mark Sherwood | © QAG|GoMA 2012

At the gallery, there was also an exhibition by the Japanese artist 'Yoyoi Kusama'. She is one of the most significant and influential artists working today. The exhibition was all about colour and poka dots!

Mark Sherwood | © QAG|GoMA 2012
This was a room pure white to begin with, all the furniture in this room was white as well. As people came in they were given colourful stickers to stick everywhere!

My lovely friend sticking colourful stickers on the wall!
Mark Sherwood | © QAG|GoMA 2012

Outfit on the day:
Black Jumpsuit - Forever New (Australian Brand)
Gold Chain Red Leather Belt - SSFW 
Gold Chain Brown Leather Bracelet - SSFW
Gold Crystal Ring- Swarovski
Sunglasses - Dotti (Australian Brand)
Black High Heels- Barkins (Australian Brand)

I hope everyone will have a happy and colourful day, every day!
Love Sophia x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Shoe Revolution

Girls for centuries had always loved their heels and why not? It is a legendary invention - It makes you look taller, slimmer, curvier, brings your figure to an up-right carriage position, legs look longer and toned. Many wear heels on a daily basis, but when it comes to a night out or glamming up it is all about who has the biggest and best heals. With so many choices and variety from stilettos, wedges, boots, to (and the most popular) pumps. With girls competing over who has the most unique, amazing and astounding designs, we have seen a competition of highest heels, especially the Alexander McQueen's high heals from his 2010 Spring collection with the unforgettable and astonishing 12 inch heels, heels made of glass (it's like a fairy tale!), heel boots made of lace, real diamonds on heels, studs, and  (currently what is new exclusively to Harrods) plumps with Swarovski crystals.

Noritaka Tatehana
With so many ideas it is really getting hard to be creative and win this endless competition of who has the craziest, biggest and best heels. Well, lucky for us all, there is an overwhelmingly brilliant pair of heels called 'Noritaka Tatehana'. A pair of heels with out the heels! This is not a metaphor, these heels are shoes that are high but with out the heels. They are so breathtaking and extremely unique! Perhaps even a heel revolution.    

They are designed by a Japanese designer called Noritaka Tatehana. He is based in Tokyo, and you can order his extraordinary shoes online or through Dover St. Market in London, TRADE MUSEUM COMME des GARÇONS in Tokyo and Paris. If you want to have designs made to order that is also possible and will make the heels more unique. It is also great for collectors, as it is not only a fashion icon item, but a moment in history.

Love Sophia x


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